Living Till You Die

Without hesitation, many of Ron’s families acknowledge the profound gift of transformation and healing available in the face of a terminal diagnosis as the individuals, their caregivers, families and communities are invited to choose their own pathways to dignity. Death often has an insidious way of stripping the dignity of all involved as it unveils the impermanence of our most basic nature to walk, talk, eat, toilet, swallow, breath…

Few of us realize we have the capacity to live into such hardship with awareness, courage and even humor  until we are joined in the terror by someone unafraid to walk the rough terrain by our side no matter where it leads. This is what Ron and his work offers to those ready to accept the invitation to “live ‘til we die;” turning the tide away from the fear of death toward life and healing.

Inspirational Stories of ones who 'dance their dying'

Education and Retreat Center: New Home of CCALS

A note from Ron:

“I have long envisioned a facility on the shores of Cape Cod that would serve as a place of respite for caregivers and their families; a place that allows for escape, reflection, and replenishment.   A place surrounded by and connected to a world of natural beauty; a place where the tempo of life slows down and the calmer rhythm of tides and seasons can appear; a place where nobody asks anything of you, but instead offers whatever it is you need.

This place is now a reality.

The Beach Rose Inn sits just a short walk from Waquoit Bay in Falmouth and 2 blocks from my home and CCALS’s current center of operations. Because of its location, setting and landscaping, it is ideal for our purposes. By moving decisively forward, we will create a comfortable and compassionate space for ALS families that is both solvent and sustainable.

In my work with ALS patients and their families, I strive to be mindful of their struggles, as well as my own limited role in alleviating them. I cannot tell them what to do. All I can do is suggest. I can only invite… not demand, not advise. Only invite; it’s always an invitation.

Today, I am inviting you to join me in making this center of respite and replenishment a reality. ”

Use the links below to donate and to learn more about the capital campaign. CCALS is a 501(c)3 organization, all donations are tax-deductible, ID# 04-356-7819.