Sacred Bullet

Says Lisa Genova, bestselling author of “Still Alice” and “Every Note Played” about Ron Hoffman’s “Sacred Bullet”

Ron Hoffman is a world-renowned leader in the compassionate care of those living with ALS. His groundbreaking memoir takes us through his daily life in the trenches of caring for those on the winding, complex road of this disease. Ron also opens his heart and shares the brutal story of his abusive childhood, one that he barely survived. Somehow, he was able to transform that trauma into grace, and give the last 23 years of his life to serving the ALS community. “Sacred Bullet” is a must read for anyone touched by ALS, and the sobering reality it reveals.

“This book inspires us to be courageous and real. A powerful path to awakening.”
– Joan Halifax, Ph.D., Founding Abbot, Upaya Zen Center