“A deep and personal encounter with the suffering of others, Ron Hoffman brings great wisdom and compassion to the bedside. This book inspires us to be courageous and real. A powerful path to awakening.” ~ Joan Halifax, PhD, Founding Abbot, Upaya Zen Center

“Sacred Bullet is a landmark in combining ancient wisdom and the use of modern resources to support individuals, families and communities in the ‘art of dying.’ It brings definition to the word healer, illustrating many of the fundamental ingredients for healing environment, and reaches through the words to touch our very hearts and souls. Ron Hoffman’s enthralling and very personal journey of healing weaves the pieces together with compassion, forgiveness, and raw and sensitive perceptiveness. A profound guide to not only the art of dying but the art of living.” ~ Meredith Little, co-founder School of Lost Borders

“Sacred Bullet is Ron Hoffman’s riveting report from the front line — the front line of providing deep service to those affected by ALS, one of the most devastating of diseases.  From the opening pages to the last, his passionate voice leaps up and out of this memoir, touching equally the heart and mind of the reader.  Open this book, dive in, be swept along on this incredible whirlwind journey of service, and be amazed.  Truly amazed.” ~ Dr. Scott Eberle, Medical Director, Hospice of Petaluma, author, The Final Crossing: Learning to Die in Order to Live

“Ron Hoffman has quietly changed the lives of thousands of desperate patients and family members. His book is a great read with brilliant insights, and an important statement about this country’s broken health care system.” ~ Linda Matchan, Reporter, Boston Globe

“In this book there is a redemption story of manhood and the human family that is filled with jewels of inspiration for us all.” ~ Jeffrey Duvall, author, Stories of Men, Meaning and Prayer, co-founder of the Men’s Council Project

“The Sacred Bullet is a marvelous mix of compelling story telling and a socio-political challenging manifesto. At the personal level the Sacred Bullet is the raw, gutsy, story of man baring his soul to find ways to honor a traumatic rite of passage very early in life. He makes it very clear how trauma, when integrated can shape one’s destiny in potent and healthy ways.

At the political level Ron Hoffman is expressly calling for the creation of a more humane, holistic, and comprehensive approach to end of life care. Do we have the courage and will to change our western medical model of “death as defeat” to embracing death as an amazing teacher about life equal in importance to birth?

The Sacred Bullet is a great read. At once an engaging intimate portrait of one man’s struggle to make peace with his own family and personal history and a meditation on “being” and how to use death as an ally to live fully in each moment.” ~ Tom Daly, PhD, Personal and Professional Development Mentor, Counselor, Leadership Trainer

“Ron Hoffman’s Sacred Bullet is a must read that helps us understand how he became the compassionate and giving man he is today. My mom had ALS and was really struggling. Our whole family suffered along with her as she tried to hold onto her independence and dignity. Ron came into our lives and provided the tools that served her, and our family. It is such a gift to have those tools described thoroughly in Sacred Bullet. Ron helped us cope with watching someone we loved so much experience such a horrible disease. He was with us every step of my mom’s illness, all the way to her funeral. Three years later he attended my wedding. He is now a part of our family. I cannot put into words how important Ron was for my mom, my dad, my brothers and me. He continues to help many families and that inspires me to help Ron spread his love through his organization, Compassionate Care ALS.  Thank you Ron for all you have done for my family and me. It will never be forgotten.” ~ Chris Lambton, owner E Lambton Landscaping, host of HGTV’s “Going Yard”

“This book is about as candid a discussion of the life, the philosophy, and the motivations of a man as is possible. Ron honestly and courageously undresses the layers of events and experiences which shaped his life from an early age through to the present day. The result is a truly uncompromising account of life and living. Nothing is left on the table or hidden from view. Not even the hole placed in his back from the gun of his own father which pierces its way through both the life Ron has led and the entire book itself. This is the story of a full life and a full commitment to a new vision of what end-of-life care should be like. The messages are both profound and profoundly simple.” ~ Dr. Stephen Stokes, PhD, Former Dean and Teaching Fellow, St. Catherine’s College, Oxford and a man living with ALS

Sacred Bullet is a must read for nursing students- Ron Hoffman shares a unique journey, one that that changed his life and framed his mission. Each semester Ron speaks to the nursing students in my community nursing course. – the students are deeply moved by his words and his work. Ron’s work with ALS families is all about connecting, about listening and about the sacred. When he is finished speaking; there is silence and tears and applause. The last chapter in Sacred Bullet, finds Ron, the healer, walking the walk of the dying. He puts himself in their bodies, in their minds and imagines his own death; he imagines what he wants to hear, where he wants to be and how he believes he will feel. He writes, I have ‘walked the talk, done what I council my friends to do. I have made amends where necessary, spoken hard truths, said goodbye with integrity. I have reviewed my life in detail. I am complete. Walking the talk–   empathic and compassionate care- that is what Ron asks of providers. This memoir will be on my course required reading list–Ron is a teacher, an advocate, an ‘unsung hero’. ~ Linda Dumas, PhD, RN, ANP, Professor, UMass, Boston